What Is GeoShred?

When you think about musicians or their mastery over musical domains, you think instruments, dedication, an affinity towards aural expertise, and sometimes, even a prodigious inclination to deconstruct harmonies. Things way, way out of reach of the common man who’s surrounded by iPhones and iPads and corporate jargon and workloads.

You think, they – the musicians – must be lucky to be able to explore that part of their lives, professionally. Yet, music doesn’t escape any of us. In fact, it is the escape more often than not.

You love guitars and the percussion of the drums, that gentle breeze of Indian Classical Music and the insane depth of Carnatic Gamakas. You’ve explored the spectrum, alright. And while you relax in the consumption of it all, you haven’t really tried creating music of your own, much.

Maybe that one time in school or a pipe dream in college that had to be given up. Can’t exactly carry a Sitar around, can you?
What a wonder then, to be able to pull out a virtual sitar on your iPhone or iPad and start exploring music theory. Pulling off Gamakas that would leave your fingers calloused, but instead leaving them soft enough to type – and your mind, refreshed enough – to go back to the monotony with renewed drive!

You Can’t Be Serious.

Oh, but we are!

We are, of course, talking about the amazing app by the developers at moForte, GeoShred! Backed by the legendary keyboardist at Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, and taken unto new heights by Mahesh Raghvan – a prodigy who’s taken it in directions the creators never even imagined.

With the latest release of GeoShred Pro, you get access to a wide variety of Carnatic Instruments to play around with, including the Sitar and the Flute. With an interface easy enough for a novice – or even a baby – to pick up and start playing music, carrying an entire ensemble in your backpack (or your pocket!) has never been easier.

And Mahesh Raghvan is gracing the stage at LivDemy to teach you all about how to do just that. It is one of our first pre-recorded courses and it takes you through the intricacies of the app at your own leisurely pace.

You Guys Are Good!

We know! And we’re trying our best to be even better.
Learn how to deconstruct a popular song with Mahesh Raghvan – Shyamale Meenakshi. And with it, learn how to deconstruct others. Channel your inner artist and see why they say, “learning music is one of the best things you can do for your brain and mental health, overall.”

LivDemy is your online music academy that gets you face to face with your favourite musicians, in live online classes and recorded courses that cover rare insights into the industry and get you a step ahead in your musical pursuits.

This course is the perfect introduction to the power of music technology, and where it leads to in the future. You’ll be surprised what’s in store for Indian music, and get to see a legendary musician who’s also a powerful pillar holding our rich musical heritage up.
Watch Mahesh glide through the screen as he emulates subtle and nuanced gamakas on a virtual instrument in GeoShred, which he guarantees, any child could pick up!

Can I Just Have The Link Now?

For sure. Check out the course here.