Parshuram S Artist with Rajshri Productions with close to 175 music tutorial videos. He has an institute is based in Mumbai, since 2009. I teach Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Ukulele, Mandolin. He also trains students for Trinity College London Grade exams. He is a songwriter, Composer, Vocalist, and Independent artist


Join us in the live workshop & “Explore the Percussive Techniques on Acoustic Guitar”.


In this interactive workshop, Parashuram will be covering the following topics

  • Achieving Guitar Percussive Sounds: I will describe and demonstrate how to achieve guitar percussive sounds
  • Learning the Percussive Groove: You’ll learn to play the percussive groove using a Slapping pattern blended with finger plucking and strumming. I will show you how to play drum beats on the acoustic guitar whilst strumming simultaneously.
  • Percussive Pattern Breakdown: You will understand how to break down the patterns and how to practice building up the component parts.
  • Replicating Bass and Snare drum: You will learn how to replicate the sound of a bass and snare drum on the acoustic guitar. You will also learn how to do the percussive thumb slap, nail attacks, etc
  • Song Playing: Play the most common guitar open chords & Barre Chords and play songs of your choice using the Percussive Playing technique


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