Mahesh Raghvan is an Indian musician who is known for his Carnatic fusion music. His experiments with Carnatic music on the iPad have multi-million views on social media. Besides being a full-time musician and music producer for two bands ‘Carnatic 2.0’ and ‘Thayir Sadam Project’, Mahesh does music technology workshops across major universities and is the creative director of IndianRaga.


Mahesh Raghvan is back on LivDemy with his Iconic Masterclass series on GeoShred. This is a masterclass series that will help you get started with the iPad music instrument GeoShred Pro. There will be 2 masterclasses that would be covering the following topics:

  • Setting up the app
  • Basic features
  • Scales and Exercises
  • Getting started with playing melodies
  • Modifying tone


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