Milind Kulkarni‘s natural flair for Harmonium bloomed at the tender age of seven. Over a period of time, under the gentle guidance of his Teachers & his own efforts, dedication & rigorous Riyaaz, this fine art is flowering to reach a state of exceptional caliber. Milind is today a reputed accompanist and fast emerging as a soloist.

Milind’s harmonium playing has tremendous energy, precision, and aesthetics. It inspires the vocalist to perform his best. He is a rare harmonium player who understands the finer points of music. This makes his playing perfectly suitable for all types of singing be it classical or light. He has great knowledge about different ragas which he uses in his compositions.


Milind has performed several times all over the world, including the prestigious “Darbar Festival” in London. He has accompanied some of the biggest artists in Indian classical music, like Pt Jasraj, Ustad Rashid Khan, Dr. Prabha Atre, Smt Kaushiki Chakraborty, Pt Kumar Bose, and many more.

He’ll be conducting a workshop on LivDemy on 13 Dec 2020, 10 pm IST.

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