As the title says literally anybody who has an interest can Konnakol.

This Masterclass is for people who are first of all interested in learning this art form, interested in Rhythms generally, Interested in Karnatik Music rhythms.

A person with absolutely no clue about this art form can also participate to get a little insight into this amazing world. Of course, this might interest Musicians who are professionals, who are amateurs, who are in their beginning stages of learning music. Also, composers might find some ideas in doing some rhythmic compositions.

Dancers, be it Indian classical or contemporary will absolutely love this.


So in this session

  • we shall dive into learning some basic syllables of Konnakol and try to put it into a rhythmic sequence and maybe make our own little compositions. 
  • Also, we shall look into how we pronounce, articulate, Modulate these amazing syllables.
  • We shall learn how to exhibit one or two Talas/Rhythmic cycles
  • If time permits we can look into learning one or two traditional compositions
  • Last but not least we shall try to go home with some assignments



What is Konnakol?

Konnakol is an Indian Traditional Classical Ancient Artform of reciting or orally articulating Carnatic Music Percussion Syllables. This 5000 years old South Indian Rhythmic Language is perhaps the most complex, intricate & aesthetically designed vocal rhythmic system in the world, which is unsurpassed, unrivaled, unparalleled unmatched in stature, complexity, depth & in range. With its routes deep-seated in India, Konnakol has journeyed across the globe, deeply influencing many aspirants. Today musicians & dancers of varied backgrounds across the world, come forward to India to learn Konnakol primarily to gain mastery, by exploring newer and exciting facets in rhythm. Learning Konnakol positively impacts us in physical, psychological, and spiritual planes. It helps us improve speech, gain control of thoughts & emotions, sharpens our intellect, provides peace of mind, and enlivens the soul. In simple, Konnakol is the most ancient & most modern art, which equally appeals & attracts musicians, dancers, art lovers, aspirants, children & the common man.


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